NO FRIENDZONE ME - kleezpen.com

 You know I cherish you, so I woo you on my bent knee

Before you drive me crazy; have the key to my Bentley

Noticed your figure eight; my account got those figures too

I'm not the teller at the counter, still, you can count on me

two guys, one girl

NO FRIENDZONE ME - kleezpen.com


We don be friends, e don tey since the days of nursery

My love for you na primary; of course you know it's real

Because you hot like the sun, now you don melt my heart

Abeg, no friendzone me, make this heart no evaporate


Another BOBO bobo you and you don dey drink the zobo

Though you flake, I never corn you; you can always bank on me

No be my fault sey I jelous; as you no gree bank on me first

For this my heart, you relevant; and gidigba like elephant


Come preside over my heart; win election with no campaign

With all my charm, e pain me sey you no accept my champagne

Other friends see we two and they think something is supping

Dem saying we're cute together; waiting for party to pop in


The way we two so free, this kind of free be rare-free

We keep jonzing like ballers wey no even get referee

Our friendship's not APC but let's try next-level for change

From friendship to something higher and we'll be happy ever after


*BOBO - guy

*bobo - deceived

*Abeg - please

*flake - dope

*jonzing - playing

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