I don't have nails like Carpenters; na money I dey hammer

Being broke is a joke, and my life ain't funny

I let numbers do the talking; figures of speech

I don't calculate no more; what I do is calcufast

Since Christ gave me a clean bath, I don't touch dirty money

He made the bank to be my shower, like I sweat too much money

My money echoes in the air, like sey na echo Bank

So I'ma stay ever green like a twenty naira note


God's riches pour on me; so I can never be poor

I'm not the teller at the bank but you can still count on me

Or how can I go dry when his blessings rain on me

The way I dey chop money, I'm in need of a toothpick


E don tey wey I dey wait, but I never lose weight;

Now, I got money to kill time; so don't worry about curry

I take down challenges; 'cos I no dey ever give up

I take on life with all I got; 'cos I got all it takes


I've been waiting like a time bomb for the right time to blow,

I don chop akara bomb; so why I no go blow,

Holy Ghost na my grenade; why I no go blow,

I be God number one fan; he's the reason why I blow

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