ALLOW GOD - friday freestyles

No dey form all is okay if you dey collect life beatings

If you no fit soro soke; then omo mhen - e be things

You gats pray to baba loke and e go bless you with the big thing

E go dash you BABA SALA wey pass MILO; yes! The BIG TIN



Housefly or Dragonfly; forget title - fly na fly

No go dey form dragon lord forget sey na fly you be

No go dey form god of war forget sey na man you be

We no fit run pass God; allow God to run the matter


Shebi man gats sabi PRAY make life no use am do PREY

The yoke be choke no be joke like sey SAPA pamper egg

But anointing break the yoke e still give me free egg chop

Royalty in my blood; my loyalty is to God



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