BROTHER SOLO - friday freestyles

Mr. King Solomon, my babe's already TAKEN

This taking no be now; as in e don TEY, KING

Focus on your screen; leave my SCREENSHOT - she's TAKEN

This your motor - make e PARK she be my TAKEAWAY PACK



Me and my babe slay together, go stay together - grey hair together

Things to talk, 'go say together; this love-ship - we sail together

Me and my babe dey play together; can't fall prey - we pray together

Perfect match, we go together; grow together - glow together


Concubines wey you acquire don reach to be your full choir

So no stoop so low to thief the one song wey I wan solo

King David your papa DO AM no mean sey make you sef DO HARM

Even though you be King, Me be co-heir with the King of kings



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