CHOP LIFE - Sunday vibes

 God's blood flows in your veins; Dem no fit call you SICKLER

You no go get CORONA; God's breath is your INHALER

Na GRACE carry us reach here, no be COROLLA

Challenges no dey move us; we dey chew Dem for PREMOLAR



Wahala don turn celeb; you no go see WAHALA

Anybody wey try block you, e dey find KASALA

Who try chop you like suya, Baba go chop am like GALA

You no go drawback like OKRO, but chop life like AMALA


And if life form sey e no fair, na Grace go bleach am WELLA

Your life go too sweet, e no go be like KOLA

Dem no go lock you inside bottle like COCA-COLA

Your shine go dey everyone mouth like VERNACULAR



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