DIFFERENT - Friday Freestyles

 I be ọmọ OLÓGO; thanks to my OGOLOGO;

Life fit dey do AGÍDÍ, who dey my back na AGIDIGBA

And if you do PÁLAPÀLA; scrape you off like LÀPÁLÀPÁ

I'm glad my good vibes babe no JÁPA, when pace be slow like ÌJÀPÁ



My BUDDY is the HOTTEST with the BODY of a GODDESS

The ASSET of my BOO THICK; I SET to buy her BOUTIQUE

She Sabi ṣèdí BÀLÀBÀLÀ like the wings of LABALÁBÁ

Love dey crunch me like KÓKÓRÓ; I'm in love like KOKOROKO


Dem toast her KITIKITI KATAKATA make she BAMBAM with the BIG LIES

But as for we wey be ASSET; without the big LIE ABILITY

I no fit DORIME dey DISGUISE just to beat THESE GUYS

As per we wey be the REAL GUYS no join dem dey RIG LIES



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