FACE IT - kleezypen

 Don't fix your match to kneel kneel; a resort for beggars;

Don't be like zero zero scores; a result of the goalless;

Move from zero to hero; pray and work, walk in faith

Forget the acts shunned and focus on new actions



Faith is a pathfinder; helps not to digress from progress

The journey of faith has only one route; forward only

The journey up a faith ladder is one route; upwards only

It is useless climbing downwards when it's an upward journey


Tackling a problem is better than running away from it

Come near your obstacle enough to see your miracle

Stand face to face with your mountains and earn the champion's respect

With a resort that makes results come easier than you expect


Face your fears and wipe your tears; Life's a movie, pick your role

Life got no pause button; know your goal and be on the go,

It really takes a knowing for you to decide a going

Discover who you are to recover from where you are


How much truth you know gives you the wisdom you have

It's not wrong to have a problem; just don't let that problem have you

Don't run from the night; neither run into the darkness

The amount of truth you know determines the freedom that you have

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