HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY - If I were a seat, still, I'll give standing ovation

 The love of a woman; so emotional

Happy Women's day; so international

Birthed the we men's day; so intentional

Beauty at its peak; so sensational



They tell a vision well; not talking television

Girls with dreams now women cherished by we men

Not ladies of omission but that of a vision

If I were a seat, still, I'll give standing ovation


Her heart's a hut of love; love that is crate-full

Rather than raise fools, with wisdom, she grates fools

Until they're different from those tagged great fools

Great to the full, not ungrateful but grateful


The woman is a mother who never promotes love murder

Influencing fathers till they learn to push this love farther

Raising boys not sick of boils; boys that seek stars

Raising daughters into sisters, first rated as six-star


The uniqueness of the woman wey dey naturally woo man

Is the cutest e curve on her which is her smile

You can always count on us; For Una, we men dey

We celebrate Una o jere; Happy women's Day

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