Permit me to be your Nehemiah cos we got a home to build for God

Life no fit betray - e must respond whenever you speak the word

Any part whey no wan hear word, I go PETER him ear comot

Or laslas na to whip Dem Comot like Jesus do with koboko



I didn’t believe in predestination until when I met you

I go hunt for you pass Nimrod; na only you go enjoy my Big rod

Let me house you in love's arc before the end of the world

I no be Noah but I 'll build an arch of love for us


I no be Joseph but you coat my life with many colours

No be sey I be LOT but please be the SALT of my life

I no be Abraham but please be the SARAH of my life

Assume NOA'H's arc was Marriage, please be my pair and let's go in

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