SECURE THE BAG - Poverty mo ti gbera; no go even see me lera

I be the Awele wey life be try to waylay

But leave matter for Mathias cos God keeps rolling my tyres

Poverty mo ti gbera; no go even see me lera

Poverty gbe body eh! Able God shower your blessings



I no be Mary and Martha but I like this money matter

On top the money matter, my pocket must carry weight

Heavy account like elephant wey dey occupy space

See the cure in the bag and secure the bag of money


I no dey touch dirty money cos I've had a clean bath

If I believe in 4-1-9, it's Philippians 4-1-9

Philippians chapter 4 verse 19; trust God, na hin thing

Too much money; Money is not my problem


DOLAPO wey no dey DULL; let God multiply the Dollars

If you're talking blood money, Jesus blood was shed for me

If you're talking 4-1-9; got Philippians 4-1-9

God's blessings reign on me, so I can never be dry


I'm not from Aso Rock but you see I so rock

Infact test me with money; na me be testimony

No barrier before my career as a Holy Ghost carrier

Cos I bank on the Lord with faith as my currency

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