You must be HABAKKUK; the very girl ABBA COOKED for me

You must be the EVE for me cos I'm dying to eat your APPLE

The girl that broke the law of Moses by stealing my heart

Goodness and Mercy follow me; I'll like it if you joined them too



Jesus turned water to wine but turned you into fine

Jesus is my mentor but I'll rather turn you into mine

Jesus baptizes with fire, but I'll baptize you with my rod

So, Can I lie in your green pastures as I comfort you with my rod and staff


Standing on the promises of God but I'mma kneel for you

Wanna kiss you on the cheek but won't betray you like JUDAS

I would like to make you get wetter than John the Baptist ever did

I wanna visit your holies of holies; and sharpen your iron with my iron

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