VISUALIZATION (part - 02) - friday freestyles

I got vision to VISUALIZE; to give VISION to the BLIND

Lots of DARKNESS in the STREETS; dem all hoping for some STREET LIGHTS

So, Let your LIGHTS so SHINE, sotey NEPA no fit off that shine

Use the WORD as LINES to stop their QUEUE of ignorance



As Bros Jay inspire, I dey visualize dey BURST

Super duper flows; I say listen to the BOSS

Na grace I dey drive, no be MOLUE BUS

Enter make you smile; show your teeth - oya FLOSS


We be originals, this no be PARODI

Every damn thing wey devil don YISODI

We fit turn around using the RAPHSODI

Miracles don happen, and a lot more still LOADING


*YISODI - turn upside down (YORUBA)



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