YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS – Don’t stay loyal to lowliness’ call; keep your spirit high (04)

Loving yourself would be fake if it's done under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It should be a decision till it becomes a part of you and flows naturally in your actions. Some people get high on dope (heroin) or crack (cocaine) to enjoy psychological effects like Euphoria and false feelings, intense pleasure, self-confidence and sociability (talkative), pain relief and calmness etc. You don’t necessarily need these drugs to get such psychological effects; as an alternative, try being full of positive content and vibes. You can be high in positivity, so far away from negativity without fear of any adverse effects.  No matter how CRACKED or broken you think you are, you are still too DOPE to be duped by the negatives of life. Always keep your Spirit high. Life may be unfair enough to shock you like electricity but don’t let it charge you up NEGATIVELY like an ELECTRON. If negativity is the only reality under the cloud, then be in the clouds by being positive. Yes! Like a PROTON, always POSITIVE.  In a scale of one to nine, always be on cloud nine. Be grateful for every little thing; if someone makes you happy; make them happier. Happiness isn’t just a decision; it’s also free. Start by making today great; make it your happiest day. [Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you – Walt Whitman]. 99% of the harm you experience is caused in your head, by you and your thoughts; you can fix most of your problems just by fixing your thoughts. Most of the time, the problem isn’t the problem; it’s rather how you think about the problem. If you want to feed a problem, keep thinking about it but if you want to starve it, you must take action. Problems feed off worry while action kills anxiety. Your mind is like your bed, you have to make it up every day and be careful who you let in. 


Reality is bendable to your will. You are responsible for the reality you choose to participate in. You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control the way you respond to what happens. In your response is your power. [It’s not the absence of fear, it’s overcoming it. Sometimes you’ve got to blast through + have faith – Emma Watson]. With enough faith, action, and love you can beat doubt. The fact that you’re scared of some stuff doesn’t mean you can’t handle it. Feel the fear, but do it anyway. Know your power; Go with the idea that nothing can stop you. You need to keep your Spirit high no matter what. Even when circumstances around seem to pull you down, don’t let self-doubt and laziness win, rather change your perceptions about yourself. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible; it simply means you have to work hard.  At those times when the words from others seem discouraging, don’t let them weigh you down. You are the guardian of your mind, body, and soul. Protect yourself from negativity and the darkness won’t dim your light. Speak the right words to yourself to hype yourself up. Having a hype-man is good, but in the absence of any, be your self’s hype-man. [One must be one’s own inspiration – Tegla Loroupe]. Be your hype-man. [Hype is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing if you aren't prepared to back it up - Chet Faker].It’s not just about all the hype or fame but daily challenging yourself; be ready not just to embrace the hype but to work up to the hype and walk into the hype.  Don’t talk the talk if you aren’t ready to work the talk. [You can hype a questionable product for a little while, but you'll never build an enduring business. - Victor Kiam]. Announce yourself not just with words but also works, not just with charisma but also attitude and confidence. [I’m extremely confident. I do believe my own hype. And I'm working towards making it true. - Jon Jones]


Acknowledge the progress you make. Give yourself some credit to how far you’ve come. Never stop seeing value in yourself just because of some circumstance beyond control. Don’t just see it but appreciate that value. Come to think of it, if you start seeing reasons to stop valuing yourself then it perhaps gives a justification why others don’t value or shouldn’t value you. The concept of self-love is not about being selfish but trashing any self ish (issue) that opens the door of negatives into your life. It’s about seeing light in yourself in dark circumstances, seeing value in you when no one else does, staying positive about yourself amidst the negatives etc. [You should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience - Victoria Holt]. Realize that problems are learning moments. Win = you learn, Lose = you learn; so whether you win or Lose, you learn. Listen to those who have faced and endured the battles you’re going through, or will go through. Hear their struggles, ask how they overcame them. If you don’t have someone to talk to, read books. Look for lessons; keep a log with life lessons you learn. Write down battles you’ve faced, and ways you’ve overcame them. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” Think about types of battles you’ve fought or faced: how have you survived them? What traits did you have or use to overcome? Focus on the positive parts of what you are experiencing; what can it teach you? Look for the positives even within the negatives; after all, stars can’t shine so obvious, without darkness.


[Life is a party. Dress for it – Audrey Hepburn]. Positively prepare yourself to adapt or conquer negative circumstances. What you feed your ears with is important; the words that come from your mouth should keep your Spirit up when it gets tough, so be positive with your language. When you attach a label on yourself, it can subconsciously become a part of you. Don’t mentally identify with or mentally make the problem a part of you. Avoid first person terms. For instance, Instead of “My struggle”, rather say, “This struggle”, “The situation”, “That hardship” etc. Talk to yourself, your heart and your spirit. Create affirmations for yourself that state your intentions. Detach from the situation; see yourself and your life as if zooming out of the situation. Talk yourself through the struggle with the right affirmations. “I will overcome”, “I can do anything I put my mind and heart into.”, “There are no problems, only learning moments.”, “I will come back stronger and better.”, “This too, shall pass.”. Speak it, repeat it, believe it and achieve it. These affirmations must be borne from the heart, else you will only be lying to yourself; lying to yourself or to others, doesn’t help. You can’t say things like that to yourself if you don’t truly believe it. Believe it and believe in yourself; sometimes, your heart must carry you where your feet won’t, so speak to your heart. Practice gratitude and learn to Say “Thank You” not just from your mouth but your heart. Thank life for what it is giving you; it’s an opportunity to make you stronger and smarter. Practice discipline; Discipline keeps you focused, when life seems uncontrollable. Focus on what you can control; yourself. Stay disciplined and mentally sharp. Where motivation and inspiration fails, discipline prevails. Work, practice, see results, and believe in your abilities.


[Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher –Oprah Winfrey]Find a group of people that serve as a support system and build your squad. Soldiers fight as a team. Team work makes the dream work. Just like Moses, have trusted and loyal friends that will steady your hands to maintain the winning stance when you’re tired. [Exodus 17: 10-13;].



GOD WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE IN THE God IN HEAVEN – the creator; whisper a prayer (05)

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