On the outside Dem be like GEM; but for real, Dem be the GERM
GERM wey MANY pass GERMANY; gold diggers wey wan JAM MONEY
If eyeservice na their ANTHEM, omo, na to freestyle THEM
If Dem wan service you with mouth, na to knack Dem FEM
Hands on a bowed man
Dem fit disguise like Santa but their gift na still QUANTA
If Dem challenge with BANTA, I attack with a COUNTER
Their bobo sweet like FANTA but their strategy no ENTER
I'm still the winner at the CENTER; all eyes on my SCEPTER
If not for you my God, shebi by now I for don MENTAL
You dey burst - you dey burst my medulla OBLONGATA
I for don kolo if no be your hand for my MATTER
You made a circle of blessings, and you place me for the CENTER
Dem no fit stop my GRIND; na pepper full this BLENDER
No matter the GENDER, can't stop my AGENDA
All Dem evil AGENDA; back to the SENDER
Even if na ELDER can't stop my golden MEDAL
Dem pọfọ̀ on top my matter but their buta no hold water
Wan use apple take my glory; I no gree do the trade by barter
Dem pọfọ̀ but no still trabaye; Olúwa ò gbédè wan
I speak in tongues no dey ṣàlàyé; na heavenly language

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