AVOCADO BABE - main squeeze, the pick of the bunch

My avo-cardio babe with the lovely mass and weight 
You're everything I avo wanted Things are allripe between us
I'm not just apple-ling your leg; You give me “all the peels”
The way we move in the ripe direction; it's a h-apple-ly avo after
Most beautiful models, Feminine beauty, Beautiful models in Africa
If I were to drop you a lime, "it takes two to mango!"
Love you not from one range but certainly ORANGES 
Living epistle like the good news that the christians peach
What a pear-fect day to apple-solutely adore you
Your egg no go break; my anointing only breaks the yoke
Crack your ribs with laughter Aso Rock enough to break the ice
Till you Get juiced to my jokes; Eat, drink, and be cherry
Grape minds think alike; you're the great my mind thinks I like
I ap-peach-iate your good heart; you're one in a melon
This no be love by pear pressure; this love is orange-inal
You hold the kiwi to my heart, so I love you berry much
You're still that pretty spud muffin without instayam filter
Since we cantelope let's marry, now that I'm fawnd of you deer
Plans are set and oranged; cherry-oats of horses await you
You're my main squeeze; the pick of the bunch
You're so A-PEELING; makes guys around go BANANAS

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