Incase I was a little late to be your first, I'm prepared to be your last
I don't need a crown to be king; but only need the love and loyalty of my queen
The sole passenger in my ride; I got mad hustle for your dope soul
In your soul I found a mate whom I promise not to trample under my sole
cute couple
I've noticed how an innocent me is often naughty around you
Your hug makes everything better and intensifies my horny grip
Meeting you was fate; becoming yours was choice
But falling in love was totally beyond my control 
I'll boldly stand for you cos I've carefully fallen for you 
I've completely fallen in love with you and your positive vibes;
Fallen for all you do, all you say and everything you are.
In your eyes I found a home; in your heart I found my love
A forever spicy thyme; not just once upon a time
Story of I become yours and you become mine
To stay together through ups and down; through  thick and thin
Because this love that births happily ever after is a beautiful thing 

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