Hi Boo-tiful I can see you're pepper CHILIN
You're one in a MELON; and yes! We MEAT again
I really wanna CAKE it easy but I'm NUTS about you
I love you from my head TO-MA-TOES; fresh FINEAPPLE
Black love couples, Black celebrity couples, Black love, Girl whispering into a guy's ear
You're the CARROT I'm ROOTING for; I'm always in your reach
I'm EGG-cited you are the coolest hottest shapely sexy PEACH
I like you CHERRY much cos you're SHRIMPLY the best
You make my heart BEET faster like BROC N ROLL
Smoothie CHEESY JUICE, no HATER can vibe this TATER
Nothing is IMPASTABLE the way you ESPRESSO yourself
I melt for you like ICE CREAM; your beauty loud like "I SCREAM"
I'll be with you all the LIME; spicing you with all my THYME
You're the FRUIT I'll love to DATE; even if it meant I YAM STEW PEAD
Your ASS-set makes me TRY; A-PEELING ONIONS could make one CRY
I got a PIZZA heart you can CRUST; Won't be a SPOTTED CHEETAH
How time FRIES but I DONUT wanna live without you 
The way your beauty GRILLS me, we are MINT to be
Freaky ROMAINE-tic with curvy thick spicy ONION layers
I'll be your hot SOUPER HERO; you make me high like dope HEROIN 
You're a lil' bit SALTY, so I wan chop this life with you
I know you ain't BREAD but my only option was to TOAST you
We'll make a great PEAR, I'll never hurt OLIVE you 
Coolest CUTECUMBER you make me GRIN; no AVOGADRO 
Kiwi be friends like best-TEAS? With a yes, I 'd AVO GOOD DAY

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  1. Samkleezy! I absolutely love this piece😄.

    ....You're the FRUIT I'll love to DATE; even if it meant I YAM STEW PEAD.... Finish us oooo👌🏽. Your lines tight abeg! I love this fruity series.