Clumsy without you like sentence with no spaces
Loose without you like shoes with no laces
Incomplete without you like cards with no Aces
No obvious smiles without you Like humans with no faces
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Now, Guess what I'm wearing; the smile you gave me
Beautiful is my favorite color and that's the color of your eyes
Your beautiful eyes are inspiring and hard to turn away from
If you were potato, you would be a very sweet one
If you were an angle, you'll be acute one 
Like a rectangle, you have all the right angles 
Like a parabola, you got very obvious curves
Babe with better shape whey make me dey use all my try-angles
Like you escaped from the zoo, you bring out the animal in me 
If you were poker game, I will be all in
You must be the reason why men fall in love
Your license should be suspended for driving so much guys crazy
The sum of you + me; Doesn't it sound like yummy?
You’re the numerator and I’m the denominator
I’m like pi because I can’t be rational around you. 
When I’m with you, I’m reduced to my simplest form.

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