I'll Forever be a man of valor to this brainy woman of value
Incase you don't know, I plan to spend the rest of my life with you
Make we face life as a team not opponents that make love dim
I Love the shape of your back; and essentially got your back too
Favorite pre-wedding shoots
You know a love is true when it has no ending
You are my sun, my moon, my stars and only true adventure
Your love's my emblem of eternity; makes life Like heaven on earth
So how do you want it, me on top of you or you ontop of me?
You always leading me on cos I'll always put you in front
I'll fight like a ROMAN'S OLD SOLDIER for The glamour of your romans I'd HOLD SO DEAR
I wanna THRUST you cos I TRUST you; won't get this love lost or rust in lust 
Intensely ROMANCE you so THICK; unforgettable ROMANTIC moments

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