These your pretty blue eyes just blew my mind away 
Innocent, bright eyes but at the same time appealing and attractive.
Eyes clear like the ocean; makes me see through your soul
Eyes lighting up my eyes like fireworks in the sky
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Your eyes are so dope I feel like I’m in the sky when I’m with you.
It’s hot but your green eyes, make me grin and feel chills all over me.
With just one look of yours, I can freeze and melt at the same time
You allure my heart like you are all my heart's
Because your eyes said you were feeling it, too;
Don’t tell me how you feel - I can see it all in your eyes.
When I look into your eyes, I tend to lose my thoughts.
Your eyes made love to me the whole damn evening
Just like a glue, my eyes are stuck on you
Such dark eyes with so much light in them
I wanna see these beautiful eyes the first thing every morning
So would you do me that favor of always waking up next to me

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