FOR HIS NAME'S SAKE - Ps 23:1-3;

The Word is my EYE-pad; sufficiency - I no dey SHARE PAD
I dey enjoy for this world based on the Lord is my SHEPHERD
I no need to STEAL WATERS, I walk by STILL WATERS
The reason my GRIN PASS YOURS is that I lie on GREEN PASTURES
I am from the realm of Men whey don High
And his Royal highness; Oluwa, is our Most High
Now you know why my help always comes from on high
God always dey answer even if all I say is "Hi"
High fever no high reach me coz I'm chilling with the MOST HIGH
As I believe in my heart, God don perfect my health
He restores my SOUL to reinstall my SOLE
He played his PART by placing me on the right PATH

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