Once upon a time you were exactly what I needed
Now the memo's real; hopelessly in love with a memory
Loving you was like going to war; now I 'm like a defeated whore
Leaving looks impossible just as staying seems unthinkable 
Break Up Images
Lost myself in the process of loving too much and forgot I'm special too
Just because I'm strong enough to handle the pain, doesn't mean I deserve it.
Of course! I love and miss you, but I’m better off without you.
Can't compromise my peace no more; Keep your your love and I'll keep my respect
Have I indeed giving more chances than love actually deserves?
I fell in love with a storm; I should have fallen asleep and not in love
Been drowning in this ocean of silence between us like forever 
The longer I stayed with my love, the less I loved myself 
Tired of fighting for what I want; can't what I want fight for me?
I never want to let you go, but it's time to do what's best for me
You placed the "WE" in WEEP, red flag! Can't place this WE in "WED"
GOOD BYE my lover; can't SELL your BAD market no more.

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