MATH 7:7 from the marriage context

You don't get axed by asking nor get knocked out by knocking
You don't get sick by seeking nor get fined by finding
Because the girl na knockout, no mean make man fear to knock door
She got the hotness of a hot chick no mean sey make man chicken out.
classic bride in wedding gown
Since God made her a KNOCKOUT her access to my BOXERS pass BLOW JOB
Well, incase I get FINED by FINE girl, JIREH's JOB is to make me BLOW
As she don make me SICK for love, what I seek's beyond her BELOW
An AGAPE forever after whose anchor still holds when the seas BELLOW 
This knockout fit gree marry you, and the marriage go be BANGER
Once you blow her KNOCKOUT like BANGER coz afterwards man free to BANG HER
God package for this kind union na FAVOR no BE ANGER
God sef go bless am with plenty PIKINS like plenty meat inside BANGA

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