So The Earth was pregnant of this light and darkness could not ABORT IT
This light was so priceless that the EARTH could not HAVE BOUGHT IT
Since e shine on me like SON-LIGHT; life sef don see sey - I BORE TEETH 
To chop life on full CHEER; sitting with Christ I don't HALF-BUTT IT
I be dey por things with my IRENE but don widen am to AIRINZE
I don face-see many yon-yon wey wan push me disembark 
But Indiana Jones, who goes you; Wither your jonzing na
You wan chike-chike me wototo make I for tuama
Na flesh I chop wey make me fresh; no daily bread get life reach am
Na blood I drink o, no be zobo - and this one o, no be bobo
That's how Jesus the living well keeps me living well
The water of life in my WELL; Without him I no well
I don get ododo to lap senior man; my ABA father
Osophagus for choke, everywhere for sacrakum
This mathias for burst my tyres, tear my attire till I tire
But God, number one Manchi; Odogu whey dey make man chill
I be ekuke on a kumkum, but don get His divine connect 
Every shaking tree is a target, na only the vine no fit collect
So Buy relaxer chilax, Easy your pressure on to my pleasure 
Your careless caprisone no touch anywhere for my own head pan
Satan just dey like odedey whey no wan let make God ARK USE YOU
E wan Sha DANDIZZY your mind, BAMBOOZLE you then ACCUSE YOU
But  life no go dribble you like JAJAY; if you dey well with BROS JAY
ELEJE TO DI LEGEND; without his blood you are GENTED
Upon sey serpent bite him leg, he still kick bucket for me
Come still match Satan head BRUISE; placed me on a Holy Ghost CRUISE
God's taking me YONDER; I can never go UNDER any BLUNDER
I underSTAND why I OVERsit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus 
Jesus my G-source don identify me with him ROYAL HIGHNESS 
Crossed out my cross road with his cross; this Jesus be my suicide
German juice for the Jews but na the Spirit dey high me
No matter wetin Devil smoke,  God remains the MOST HIGH 
Every where CRIS and NICE; Everywhere SWEET and LIT
To much CRIS just dey flow in MASS; oh Yeah! it's CHRISTMAS 
SEASON OF GIVING without CEASING coz God had first given his only begotten son 
To WORK for our GRACE and endure the BLISTERS to make you the STAR of heaven's BLISS

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