I know you aren't Beyoncé but please would you be my Feyoncé
I know you aren't Rihanna but would you be my Real Hannah
I'm love sick for you my MUSIC; that's why I rant my MUSE SICK
If you were a song, you know - you'd be my hit single 
beautiful sexy pretty ladies in classic wedding gowns
Pringle Single to Mingle with a jingle that tingles
Oh how I 'm so glad now that I know you're this Single
You're this Single among these singles that I wanna hit on this single
A lot of voice trainings and lessons just to perfect the way I sing you 
We both have pink lips let's link up and ping lips
You're not Alicia Keys but wanna be high pitched with AT LEAST YA KISS
Can't ever be short of flowers when we got our TWO LIPS
Love onboard, make we bud; lips on lips cute like TULIPS

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