I went on a beach mission and won a personal bitch
I have a replica of Moses' rod for your hips flowing like the sea
So just as Moses parted the red sea, I'll stretch my rod and part this POOL SEA 
Me and you are just perfect for this song of Solomon remix
Hot couple photo ideas in water on beach
You really are a fisher of men. And baby, you just reeled me in.
Like the Bible says, I guard my heart. And you just set off my security alarm.
If you got any hotter, God would have to send another flood.
The way you go down low, Didn't know Angels flew this Low
You must be Milk or Honey ‘cuz you feel like something I was promised.
The melody of your BODY; Aye girl. Gimme PSALM of that.
Na water of life BATH you unlike the one used by  BATHSHEBA
So Bathsheba has nothing on you not even the queen of Sheba 

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