YOU'RE IN CHARGE (dirty poetry)

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Though She scared of dogs, she's not scared of their style
I'mma drive her with it crazy; like fast and furious, I no lazy
Deflower the flowery scent; make your eyes blaze like florescent
You thrill me on all FOUR; I'mma take you to cloud SEVEN
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I got a hoe for your a*s; you can call it an ass-hoe
A digger to dig your a*s; like a gold-mine that is mine
Till your booty start to clap at my thrilling performance
Until your jellous pu*sy shouting ass-hoe I need some d*ck too
No moments will be dry cos I'mma make you always wet
You're the one that makes me wet, so enjoy all that you get
With your girth in my grasp, f*ck you hard until you gasp
Just know I love you to the moon whenever I make you moan
You're in charge; you determine when to get charged
I'll Keep standing on my toes to drill you with pleasure overdose
Till you bend and touch your toes while still standing; and me pounding
Dump this d*ck lump inside your round plump lovely rump behind
#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny

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