THE MUSIC I WANNA HEAR (dirty poetry)

#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny
Damn girl you look so familiar; you look like my future wife
My long submarine longs to be deep in you with enough SEA MEN
Wanna ROW on SEAS as red and wet as your POOL SEA
The SEX SEA that swallows SEA MEN than the RED SEA
guitar human sensual art; music melody and poetry (#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny)
My body got the notes; touch it and let it torch your moans
One hand fingering at your keyhole; the other choking hard on your neck
You make sweeter sounds than a guitar, when I pull and strike your G-strings
Playing with my key D just enough for you to hit the high notes
I got a hangar standing out; land on it like it's your airpot
I want you on my ear tonight like you were my airpod
Make the moaning sounds right here that's the music I wanna hear
With my hot dog in your buns cooking hot  experience that burns
My anti-gravity device; my chair person not just the vice
whenever I'm around you, a part of me starts levitating
When I go down on you, you take me higher than cloud nine 
Wanna proceed with the violent thrusting that leads to overturned beds
#dirty-poems-that-rhyme #funny-dirty-rhyming-poems #dirty-poetry-that-rhymes #dirtiest-poems-ever #dirty-poetry-jokes #dirty-poetry-funny

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