I’m not really this tall. I’m sitting on my mini pocket scriptures
And Whenever I stand too, you know I'm always standing on the Word
The Bible-Gateway happens to be my homepage
I put the read in bible reading and put the "stud" in bible study
Paper Mache Sculpture Modern Art Book Lovers image
I daily take the WORD CAPSULE to build us a WORLD CASTLE
The WORD taught me prayer is key so I always pray for us
Just as I .read the Bible cover-to-cover.  I’d like to study you as well.
I was gonna read proverbs 31, then I realized I could just study you instead.
It's been a STEADY Bible STUDY to STUD-You with true love
I actually read the Bible a lot, but I’d rather read it with you.
Let’s make our own private small group of two to study the word.
To create a way with NO LEDGE, we both need all the KNOWLEDGE 
I’d like to get to know you biblically coz Like a bible verse I can't stop memorizing you
Since, I like my women how I like my Microsoft Word documents: saved.
You can call me Joseph ‘cause I’m going to Mary you someday
Or Wouldn't you like to be added to my biblical Family History one day?

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