ỌMỌ ỌLỌ́GBỌ́N (the WISE one)

God made man - man made gods; and man forgot God made men gods
God made man - man made money; and money made mammon wipe man oraimo chord
LIVE written from right to left is EVIL; Too much love for pleasure shaved man
LIVE not left right means Mammon at work; Too much love for treasure slaved man
man holding a fragment of time cut as a sector from a clock
I no dey follow you compete to become THE DON
I am already God's true definition of THE IDÁN
God's cooking me plans and soon e go DONE
Miracle awake to stay woke; no YAWN for new DAWN
EMÍNÍ TÍN JẸ́ EMÍNÍ; the number one king IDÁN GANGAN
Drowned Pharoah and his army; ọmọ, they're GONE GONE 
E shock dem like electric; wọ́n ti GỌN GỌN
My Kọnguá don sọ bíi ìlù GỌ́NGỌN
My lady on my mind make yearn no cheat her FIGURE EIGHT
My money on my mind as I dey earn the EIGHT FIGURE
My Brain don dey WORKOUT don dey carry heavy WEIGHT
My heart wey for WALK OUT no worry to ready WAIT
Life GIDI me GAN NI; now I'm strong GIDI GAN NI
Spiritual ỌMỌ ỌLỌ́GBỌ́N wey conquer òrìṣà ỌGBỌ́NGBỌ̀N
Na my GOODLUCK marry PATIENCE; so I'm taking my TIME
Believing God is the best chef; and God's THYME is the best

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