Gone are the days of hungry man size SAPA
When my belepotmus be no dey see FULANI
As long as I got more than a big sized PAPA
I no pray to Man-made gods; not before a FOOL I KNEEL
Dice Icon and Graphic
Na Baba God dey give SIX even though na human being ROLL DICE
I just dey ROLL ON like DICE coz the Lord who holds me never DIES
I Face barriers with my AXE; and I begin to DICE
Based on sey winners never quit, One day I go break the ICE
I no too SABI NEWS but I sabi who sabi pass SABINUS
Na him wey hold FUTURE still inform me sey my glory FEATURE
A God that got the whole WORLD in his hands put his whole WORD in my hands
I dey HALLOW this him HALO of a HELLO wey comot me from life HOLLOW
Dem talk sey life na TURN by TURN but everytime na my TURN
Based on sey Oluwa no dey use me play WAYO like the game of TEN-TEN
DICE wey roll short of SIX don follow one way miss road and must U-TURN 
Me and God na five and six; na him dey DOUBLE my SIX-SIX
Simply riding on GRACE not to be ridden by life's CRAZE
Mine's not a photocopied RACE; so I no go run at your PACE
No matter what PLAYS, I'm destined for my own PLACE
Ain't one of life's PREYS; I always live a life of PRAISE
Based on sey life na DICE; with God my six-six never DIES
Sey make I too dey EXPLAIN; I no dey inside that Ex PLANE 
Men around shouting TROUBLE but God made my blessings DOUBLE
My God be using all RESORT to showcase my blessed RESULTS 

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