DIVINE ENTITY (poetic gospel)

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Wahala boku like spots on a LEOPARD making to SHARE HELP HARD
But The Lord is my SHEPHERD no be German SHEPHARD 
Protects my Joy OVERDOZE; no DOZE nor SLUMBER like SLEEPER
Amidst the crowd, I stand out tall coz He's my high heels, no be SLIPPERS
shepherd rescuing sheep from sinkking in mud (#gospel_poetry_spoken_word_lyrics #gospel_spoken_word_poetry #life_related_reality #poetic_gospel #gospel_poems)
Na Jesus be the number one ALLY that can never end up being A LIE
Though not everyone can understand you, your dreams valid on life's bed where you LIE
Plenty CHEATERS like APC racing against me like CHEETAHS
But in this human RACE, I no dey do RACE competition with any human 
Na me use my leg enter the DIRTY na your hand comot me help me cross THE Ts
Na you mop the tears comot for my EYES still go the extra miles to dot all the Is
If e no be for your GRACE, e no get any other thing wey for fit cure my CRAZE
From my kolo-kolo MENT STATE, you have made my life a STATEMENT
Na you I dey LOOK GOD - no be LUKEMAN; Na you dey my SIDE - no be SAHEED; 
People fall my hands like RAIN but na you dey my side still make me REIGN
Father of GLORY your MERCY SURE; comot shame for my STORY no MESSY SHOW
Replaced my CONTEMPT with JOY; I don dey CONTENT dey ENJOY
Melody don fine tune me like TONIC SOLFA cushioned with caution like TUNIC SOFA
All my SIN you no REMEMBER; brought me on SCENE of your family REAL MEMBER
Your carry me WAKA when my leg dey shake; As your word the WORK, my WORLD dey WALK
If to sey Baba God no SHOW FACE, my SHOE no go SHINE - my FACE sef for no SHOW
Love cover me like CANOPY - no be PDP UMBRELA; Grace comot the COBWEB - no be APC BROOM
Na you go AHEAD to rearrange my TALE; make I be HEAD instead of the TAIL
If no be inside your HERD wey I STAY, my life for don STALE TEY TEY
Who you TORCH DOWN no dey remain the SAME; Who you TUSH UP no dey remain in SHAME
No be my RESORT give me the RESULT - Nothing about me is self made; I OWE God EVERYTHING
Na Jesus pay my debt stand BY ME make NOTHING KPAI ME; I no OWE man ANYTHING
He made my GRIN an EVER GREEN THING; replaced my FAKE with EVER REAL THINGS
Made me a DIVINE ENTITY by reality; no QUANTITY can DEFINE my QUALITY
#gospel_poetry_spoken_word_lyrics #gospel_spoken_word_poetry #life_related_reality #poetic_gospel #gospel_poems

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