#love_poem_for_her #love_poem_for_my_girlfriend #love_poem_for_lover #love_poetry_for_crush #marriage_poems_short #marriage_poems_for_couple
If the COCONUT shell break, is the KOKO NOT the taste of the JUICE at A GO
Na either you ENDURE MARRED RAGE or better still END YOUR MARRIAGE like 2GO
CHICK PICK COCK to shine like PEACOCK and increase man of VALOR VALUE in ÉGO
#love_poem_for_her #love_poem_for_my_girlfriend #love_poem_for_lover #love_poetry_for_crush #marriage_poems_short #marriage_poems_for_couple
Kissing Couple Baptized in Coconut Juice

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You jam BITCH with your favourite Ẹ̀GÚSÍ for ELEGUSHI BEACH doesn't make her the GUCCI 
No too rush like RUSSIAN enter YABA LEFT; step by step, the way up na ONE by ONE
Cool temper too like OMI TÚTÙ; before picking a parter to journey life with like TWO by TWO
She high you like THREE-THREE no mean she no fit plank you tomorrow with FOUR by FOUR
Forget sey she get vibes alive like FIVE ALIVE; she suit the kind PEACE a man's life SEEKS?
When man's down and needs a perfect NUMBER of THUMBS UP, can she give you SEVEN UP?
No be to just dey increase her figure EIGHT and decrease EIGHT FIGURES - balance the EIGHT
She must firm sey 69 no be 96 but also fit compromise her SIX  perspective to your NINE
No be to follow who dey JÁPÁTÁ share give every LÁGBÁJÁ as you no be OJUJU CALABAR
Follow who ready FAITHFUL sey na you be the only TẸ̀MẸ̀DÙ wey own the PÁTÁ PÁTÁPÁTÁ
So Before you MAN UP marry WIFEY; ensure sey no UNCLE VIRUS dey follow connect the WIFI
Make we no begin shout MAN DOWN sey ANTIVIRUS no dey again for this kind WAFFI
SWEET ODOGWU give better action with ODOWU BITTERS; but ACTION BITTER for other areas
No let dem ride your UNDER coz of HONDA; No let BENTLEY make you throw the BENT KNEE
The HOTEL wey dey SWEET you TODAY fit turn the HOT HELL wey go BITTER you TOMOROW
Love no be SCAM - na you follow SCUM; eye clear when dem begin SLAM you like SLUM fighter
You leave TUPAC go dey find SIX PACKS; As you no FOCUS, result no be wetin  a FOE CAUSE
You focus on SIX CARS forget sey SICK SCARS fit turn the best for you wey dey SEEK STARS
Na you leave who dey TẸ̀LÉ VISION go de follow man wey TELEVISION dey control
Na you leave who GBADUN your PATTERN follow AMUSEMENT PARK wey GBADUN your PÁTÁ
Ẹ̀GÚSÍ - melon (yoruba)
OMI TÚTÙ - cold water (yoruba)
JÁPÁTÁ - tear pant (yoruba)
PÁTÁ - pant (yoruba)
PÁTÁPÁTÁ - forever (yoruba)
TẸ̀LÉ VISION - follow vision (yoruba)
ÉGO - money (igbo)
#love_poem_for_her #love_poem_for_my_girlfriend #love_poem_for_lover #love_poetry_for_crush #marriage_poems_short #marriage_poems_for_couple

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