#love_poem_for_her #love_poem_for_my_girlfriend #love_poem_for_lover #love_poetry_for_crush #marriage_poems_short #marriage_poems_for_couple #poetry_in_literature
Ain't CON or FAKE; saw a perfect you and loved you; then saw otherwise, yet loved you MORE
Christ in you - I saw something more than Gold; a closer glimpse - and you were GOLDEN MORE
CORNFLAKES is jelous there's no CORNY in your FLAKE; makes you finer than GOLDEN MORN
I HORNY enough to SLEEP you to the MOON; HONEY enough to SLIP you into each MORNING
#love_poem_for_her #love_poem_for_my_girlfriend #love_poem_for_lover #love_poetry_for_crush #marriage_poems_short #marriage_poems_for_couple #poetry_in_literature

Distant couple standing infront of a big heart love  wallpaper

LOVING YOU UP AND DOWN - clean poetry,love poems,poetry,best puns,
This MAN no be BREADWINNER yet like DRAKE; but go still WIN the BAKERY and MANDRAKES
As things never start ALIGNING; the feelings making you doubt my love ARE LYING
You're the girl of my REALITY I finally GOT far better that the DREAM girl in my ORDER
For me, it's now So INTENSE that I EXIST in the TENSE of you being part of my EXISTENSE
Life with it's UP and DOWNS already na FULL ISH; not loving you UP and DOWN go FOOLISH
I've never had a MOMENT'S RESTLESS doubt in the MONUMENTS of my RECKLESS love for you
You my DEAREST are a REASON to LIVE; How I go DARE REST if you are RISEN to LEAVE
I love you coz I know no other way THAN THIS; with a love than love like Christ had DONE THIS
Just let me protect you like OZONE and adore you like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do to the BONE
Coz You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever KNOWN
You have bewitched me - SOUL and BODY; your MELODY na JAZZ to me no be JUJU
My love be enriched for you, my SOLE BUDDY; "I Love You MY LADY", no be BOBO and VIJU
I'm yours no REFUND - all my REAL FUND is yours; to drive you crazy but not take you for a RIDE
I love you without knowing how, when or from WHERE; a straightforward love without PRIDE
I love you like NAKED TRUTH wey finally see LOVE WEAR; to dress like groom for the BRIDE
Make your love my JERSEY wey no TEAR or WEAR; I'll make you BALL than any man ever TRIED
LOVE LIFE can be a COMPLEX CITY but I keep my LOVE ALIVE for you without COMPLEXITY
Life no give us room for a FREE SKI; but man ain't resting till WE SKI FRISKY high - no WHISKY
Life's HIGH RISK vibes make love RISKY; but na to open love's HIGH BRISK with a RIZZ KEY
Life no give FREE KEY to make you love FREAKY; but I hope for a FREE KICK for this goal - no FREAK IRK
#love_poem_for_her #love_poem_for_my_girlfriend #love_poem_for_lover #love_poetry_for_crush #marriage_poems_short #marriage_poems_for_couple #poetry_in_literature

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