A better realm - Daily taking the love capsule From His word's parcel (top poetry site)

I know the path that's true
And have been set free too
Christ can also help you
If you allow His love shine through

Calling a spade a spade
Our love was paid
By His love that can not fade
Though His life was the trade

Was bound in a jar
Till Jehovah
Broke it asunder
And brought me this far

He's the tailor
That clothes with honour
He's the sailor
With the secure anchor

His ancient words of old
Are more precious than Gold
His word makes me bold
And drives away my cold

I've been taught
Quite a lot
Just as I ought
Though more than I thought

Once fell
And destined for hell
But now marvel
How He turned me an angel

Satan's ink
Made me stink
Was about to sink
Till saved by God's link

Attached to Him with a divine string
Bears me on an eagle's wing
To realms free from Satan's sting
Adorned with the ring of a king

In a realm safer than Noah's ark
When in, there's no lack
The light doesn't get dark
When in, there's no attack

Daily taking the love capsule
From His word's parcel
Using it to cancel
The writings of Satan's pencil

Lightened by the spirit's candle
To subdue evil
As I operate at a higher level
Than the devil

Was blind, but now I see
Walking in peace on the stormy sea
For His glorious mercy
Established my fantasy

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