Christ's disciple - You've been given the key To change the wrong you see (gospel poems from the top poetry site)

The decision
That brought my conversion
Is still the foundation
To fulfill this mission

Many as such
Go to church
But forget to watch
And pray as much

Yielding to unbelief
Makes you fall from the cliff
Like a plucked leaf
Lifeless as a beef

Does your face
Have a different phase
Do your ways
Differ from place to place

God's testament
Isn't for entertainment
But involvement
In obeying His commandment

Be a disciple
Preaching the gospel
To all people
By Jesus' example

Made righteous
And virtuous
So be courteous
Not rebellious

Don't be led astray
God's word won't pass away
It differs from the world's way
It's the same today

You've been separated
Not to be rejected
Being corrected
Not to be affected

Have no affinity
With iniquity
'Cos your identity
Is that of divinity

What makes your heart fall
Letting your spirit crawl
There's a call
To come out of idol

Some things are scriptural
Completely biblical
Some things are spiritual
While others are carnal

Some things are temporal
Others are eternal
Some are natural
Others are supernatural

Watch what you choose
And the tools you use
Guard your heart before it gets loose
Abstain from things that confuse

Be patient
Stay fervent
Remain content
'Cos God's your parent

You were set free
Not to be a fruitless tree
You've been given the key
To change the wrong you see

The reason you face the crowd
Is to make God proud
So fulfill all you've vowed
By preaching the gospel aloud

Don't be a coward
By turning backward
But press forward
Till you get your award

You need to accept
Jehovah's precepts
In the very depth
Jesus has kept

You need to protect
Jehovah's prospect
In order to reflect
His life so perfect

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