On my way - It's a one life trip Can't take the chance to creep

On my way to the top
When I can't walk, I hop
I've got no space to flop
And no time to stop

Christ keeps me going up
When I fall, He lifts me up
When thirsty, He fills my cup
And together we sup

Mind the friends you keep
Watch the steps you skip
Though some ways look cheap
What you sow is what you reap

Aware the hill's steep
When injured, I still leap
It's a one life trip
Can't take the chance to creep

The road's so straight
Has got a narrow gate
So I lay down my weight
As it's not yet late

I was once blind
God's will, I couldn't find
Till I made up my mind
Not to be left behind

Tempted to pretend
But regretting at the end
Just try making the amend
Letting God straighten your bend

You can't comprehend
Where your life will tend
But taking Jesus as friend
Tends to a happy end

Though the sea's raging
The war's waging
A new understanding
Keeps me standing

God's word  is classic
It makes me unique
His will's fantastic
Leading me to the peak

People think I'm weak
'Cos God has made me mick
Yet they think it's a trick
When I heal the sick

Escaped Satan's bait
Feeling so great
With the hope to celebrate
By this divine fate

On my way to heaven
It's my best I've given
To be in this haven
Is all I've craven

Not quitting is my decision
Getting there's my vision
My greatest obligation
Is fulfilling this mission

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