PLAY YOUR ROLE - fight the good fight of faith; commit to righteousness until you start committing righteousness

Have you come to realize
God watches with His eyes;
He'll treat us otherwise
If He wasn't nice

There's a need to arise,
A need to be wise,
Ready to pay the price
Of stopping the compromise

You've got the strength to fight
When Satan tries to bite,
And at the coming of night
Keep walking in God's light

Of course, it's not by might
God's grace'll make things right;
Just base on the Lord's site
And remain under His sight

If you want to win,
Then come out of sin;
Respond to God's calling
When He says come in

Don't fear Satan's grin
Though it looks mean;
For you've got within
The God who made you clean

Take your head off sorrow,
Lay it on joy's pillow,
Don't fear Satan's arrow
'Coz God controls tomorrow

Be competent;
Don't relent,
For it's evident
That God's will is potent

As a God sent,
You are meant
To be different
In comportment

Never say no
To the spirit's flow
But be ready to go
Even to places you don't know

Satan tries to peep
At points you fall asleep,
He tries to make you weep;
Loads you with pain in a heap

God's love's deep;
Hear the sound of it's beep,
Only His love can keep
Your feet from a dangerous slip

Pick out God's voice
From the bustling noise;
To obey is by choice,
'Twill make you rejoice

Righteousness isn't the goal
If Christ has made you whole;
Obedience is a sole role
To align with the Spirit's goal

If I got your audience
Your role is obedience,
Righteousness unto holiness;
Realm of committing righteousness.

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