Transformed mindset

It's gonna be fine
'cos the sun's gonna shine
God's joy is mine
Believe it too and it's thine

I'm following the lane
Christ created in pain
Not at all in vain
But all for my gain

My story was that of fear
I know my victory's near
Since God's glory is here
I'm freed from Satan's snare

There are things to understand
About the Spirit's brand
In order to stand
On the possessed land

The stresses
A believer sees
Will certainly cease
To set him at ease

Many have drifted
As a result of being sifted
Yet they can be lifted
By God's power unlimited

A wrong mindset
Is already a threat
Leading to a form of death
Eventually causing regret

The things that you think
Always has a link
To what your soul drinks
So be careful not to sink in stink

Having Christ's knowledge
Is a privilege
And forgetting your pledge
Entails breaking the edge

True Christianity
Is all about practicality
And the reality
Of divine purity

Being like Jesus
Despite the cross before us
And enduring loss
For eternal life of course

Making up our choice
To obey our master's voice
Despite the devil's noise
And all the tricks he employs

Soldiers for the truth
Right from our youth
In Christ we place our root
So certain of our shoot

We ain't behind
In this battle of the mind
Seeking to find
'Cos we ain't blind

Viewing a downward slope
Yet won't lose hope
'Cos through hope's lifting rope
I'll certainly cope

falling into a well
Yet saying all is well
'Cos I can tell
I'm guarded by God's Angel

The power of faith
Changes fate
It's not yet late
To change your mind's state

I'm a believer
Backward never
'Cos forward ever
Really sounds clever.

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