When Christ steps in

A voice from the cross
Spoke love to us,
A price paid by Jesus
Put an end to our curse

The love of God
In our heart's shed broad,
As we stand on His word;
Worshiping Him as Lord

There's a place of humility
Even in reality,
Humanity's opportunity
To be divinity's celebrity

When Christ steps in,
He cleanses your sin;
Working from within
To make you win

Strengthens your alter
Then takes you far,
Until you become a star
After the likeness of Jehovah

He came to earth
To submit to death,
Freed you from Satan's net
To offer you life's breadth

No need to wail
'Cos the Jesus we hail
Did not fail
To destroy Satan's veil

And by our decision;
Being a function
Of God's intention
To offer salvation

He granted us the access
To God's forgiveness;
A chance to possess
God's righteousness

A new creature
By God's new structure;
A brighter future
With a different picture

Just like our creator
We're more than conquerors;
Divine warriors
forever victors

We've got enjoyment
Through Christ's achievement,
Within the confinement
Of His testament

Positioned by grace
In this glorious place;
Not minding what I face,
I'll finish my race

No regret of course
For my target is Jesus;
And that's because
Of how He loved us.

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