Who God made me to be

A glorious indication
Of a joyous celebration
Giving heaven a portion
Of great jubilation

We're the workmanship
Of His lordship
With a relationship
Of divine kinship

God had a good intention
For man's creation
But man's ambition
Hindered his promotion

Bringing man a connection
To Satan's condemnation
Man's redemption
Didn't have an easy condition

Let's take a reflection
On the past situation
Man in pollution
Needed an evolution

And sanctification
From his soul's commotion
An affirmation
To man's obligation

My good performance
Is a function of my substance
My acceptance
Is a function of His fragrance

The beauty of His radiance
Has made me to advance
Since He gave me the chance
To enhance my dance

His crucifixion
Brought the joy of salvation
What a passion!!
Loving without condition

I'm God's image
Portrayed on life's stage
Not bound by a cage
Unlimited by rage

It's the saying of the sage
That there's a war to wage
No matter my life's age
Justifying each used page

I've got a new birth
'Cos I've risen from death
To be a salt on earth
To the devil, I'm a threat

A salt with a savour
Of a sweet flavour
Empowered by the saviour
The world's creator

A light to the world
Born of the Lord
Bound to Him with a cord
Through the power of His blood

I'm a child of God
We're in one accord
I'm tied to His word
With a divine concord

No more of this world
But of God's word
And can't afford
To turn backward

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