When I was lost in shame
Jesus came
Called me by name
And embraced me with fame

It’s awesome
That God could bid me come
Granting me a warm welcome
Into his glorious home

So many things to thank God about
So I’ll merrily let out
A thunderous shout
From my blessed mouth

If not for what God has said
Satan would have raised his ugly head
Right now, I’ve got nothing to dread
‘Cos of God’s word which I’ve heard and read

If not for God’s glory
Twill have been a different story
Of being trapped by Satan’s furry
And not ceasing to worry

Not until I understood that I was only a human
Born of a woman
That’s useless without God’s plan
I always felt I was a strong man

Your faithfulness is so unique
To function at its peak
To grant what I seek
Even when I am weak

Not about my prayerfulness
‘Cos in the days of my weakness
You showed your faithfulness
In its very fullness

I can never hide
The fact that God made me ride
On eagle wings, beyond life’s tide
Thank God for God by my side

Though I was frail
I was never the tail
‘Cos God made me sail
Over Satan’s trail
Jesus the great warrior
Died as our savior
To grant our souls the sweet savour
Of unique flavour

It’s not a fable
That God is able
To continually do the undoable
Until it becomes uncountable

How much can I really do
To show that I truly love you
Your love for me has been true
And so I love you too

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