A fool says in his heart “there is no God”
And refuses Jesus as his Lord
By not heeding to God’s word
And strengthening sin’s deadly cord
This can be broken by the Spirit’s sword
With genuine faith in God

This is what proceeds from my tongue
It’s my ever truthful song
Not to focus on living long
But mindful of not getting it wrong
And dance to the tune of God’s gong
While I’m still very young

Though the wrong deeds I’ve done
I know that when life is gone
I’d never mourn
‘Cos I’m now Spirit-born
And have my slavery ropes torn
Through the help of God’s son

By just listening to the Spirit’s tone
I’ve been shown
The mysteries from God’s throne
And the best I have known
Is to fight to the bone
To remain in God’s zone

Don’t make your life a lark
Nor turn your back
When it’s time to attack
Come out of the dark
And take upon you God’s mark
Following His set track

God has prepared a town
And made ready a crown
For any with an unspotted gown
Don’t let sin turn them brown
Don’t accept Satan for a clown
In order not to drown

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