You stilled every rivalry
To change my story
Died on Calvary
To grant me your glory
You carted away my worry
In a divine lorry

Amazingly quenched your furry
When I said sorry
And became the sweetest deary
That lifted me in a hurry

Oh, God of creation
Your unction
Which is my fortification
Has found expression
In my Life's foundation
To divinely function
With a life obligation
Of giving you adoration
 So I'll worship in all situation
And praise in every condition

You're my reality
In a world of virtuality
My spirituality
Is a function of your divinity
My personality
Is now beyond that of humanity
Infused into your royalty
I'm solely your property
I call you almighty
'Cos you got the highest authority

I call you Jehovah
The greatest ever
The sweetest lover
Who planted me by a river
Which makes my joy run over
Oh, my deliverer
I'm gladly yours forever
Happy to be a believer
For there's none other so clever
To grant me this divine cover

I call you the Ancient of days
Who granted us access to His base
So awesome in your ways
Bestowed on us the grace
To uniquely trace
Your divine pace
In the light of your glorious rays
Through your ancient ways.
Oh, your love sets me ablaze
To worship you always

I live to worship
Your Lordship
I cherish the relationship
Of my sonship
I acknowledge my discipleship
With the heart of stewardship
Through the realm of partnership
To the realm of friendship
To lay down the hardship
Of life's ship to your Kingship

You gave your all for me
Just to set me free
I was granted freedom's key
Without a single fee
I'll bow my knee
For eternity
'Cos of your mercy
Which I daily see
Fruitful as a living tree
You made me joyous and happy

I live to worship you
In all that I do
A worship that's true
In bad times too
My heart'll follow you
Where you lead me to
Just see me through
And I'll run after you
I live to worship you
For your love's ever true

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