ME - get inspired series; be an original, not a photocopy

I heard it's only human
To be in competition with everyone
Yet, I'm someone
In competition with no one

I heard life's a race
Where hurdles stir us in the face
A racing competition isn't my case
I'm only after what I chase

I run my own race
I face my own phase
Depending on the grace
Of the Ancient of Days

It's been lot easier
Bending my desire
To conform to the will of my Messiah
Through the power of Christ my baptizer

I stick to my zone
And play no game of the throne
Though I ain't alone
I've got a life of my own

I sign for fame
And not for shame
All the same
I desire to play no game

No game of striving to be the better
I only compete with my former to the letter
To address my latter
'Coz what matters is actually later

I aim to improve
So as not to soil my future groove
Trying to prove
My point in every move

Not minding where I'm from
What matters is my new form
Conforming to a reform
In order to perform

I differ from everybody
And my way can't be bloody
'Coz I'm somebody
Competing with nobody

I'm ready
To take it slow and steady
Being myself already
Is a sure way to avoid tragedy

The way I glow
Is by sticking to my flow
Using the truth I know
To determine where I go

I'm my own referee
Unruffled by any decree
That's me
And I'm free

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