The reason
For this season
Is the Prince of peace
The whole of creation is His

He existed before the world
That's why He's called
The ancient of days
So awesome in His ways

Been with God as the Word
Yes! And the Word was God
He was made flesh
To grant the chance to start afresh

Oh yeah! The popular life story
Of how man lost the glory
Which portrayed his authority
And connectivity to divinity

Man was led astray by Lucifer
From the path of the Alpha
And Omega
To the path of a beggar

Man walked into Satan's cage
To become God's tarnished image
Man turned a slave
'Coz of his untamed crave

Thank God for the true messiah
Man's freedom was His desire
That's why he put on a body of mortality
Despite being the king of immortality

The king of righteousness
Stepped into darkness
His light was beyond awesome
For darkness to fathom

The prince of this world
Popularly called
The devil
Found in Him, no evil

The pains from His bruised heel
Were very real
When he bruised  Satan's head
On that cross termed 'Old and rugged'

Destinies made a U-turn
The night the veil was torn
He said 'twas finished
For life was replenished

If not for His birth
There'll be no re-birth
You see, He's the reason
For the season

Through out the universe
We celebrate christmas
To honour the birthday
Of our king, the great Yaweh

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