My Adorable Darling (MAD) - emotion and feelings ; love

My emotions excited
My heart delighted
For she ain't just beautiful
She's wonderful

Seeing my darling
Stirs up this feeling
A feeling so dear
Which makes me cheer

The creator
Engraced her with much splendor
Wich makes my mind wander
In a land of wonder

Looking into her eye
Makes me high
Can go an extra mile
Just for her smile

A girl I cherish
With a love that won't perish
She's more loving than charming
Haha! Makes me feel I'm dreaming

A unique treasure
I cherish with pleasure
She's got this flow
Which makes my heart glow

She ain't just reliable
But adorable
Truth testifies to her beauty
Wow! She's really a cutie

A loving friend
I'll ever defend
She's caring
So endearing

Her attitude's amazing
Her style's dazzling
Her physique's unique
She's classic and fantastic

Since I ain't blind
I know she's one of a kind
Incredibly beautiful
And indisputably thoughtful

Won't be easy
When the waves get busy
Yet, she'll remain My Adorable Darling
That's a truth I'm sealing

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