I’m no more a specimen
In the lion’s den
But a product of the word;
The very word of God


I’m a quickened spirit
Recreated and complete;
A new creature
Reconfigured by the scripture

I’m a child of God
Washed by His blood;
I’ve been born of the spirit
That makes my path lit

The way not to fail
On this sea that I sail,
Is trusting not in human
But the creator of man

No matter the sphere,
The reason I don’t fear
To glide
Is ‘cos God’s my guide

I choose to support
The Almighty’s report,
The just shall live by faith;
I’m a just till date

I’ll be free
With the referee
If life was FIFA;
He’ll be Christ my very Alpha

The devil may stare
Yet, I don’t care,
‘Cos when the battle gets deeper,
God remains my keeper.

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