What it takes to refuse
Being re-fused
To the past
I'm freed from at last

Fighting to win isn't by bull;
You can use the bible,
Love in action
Through the prayer section

Life is a drama;
Some act out the trauma,
But the right script's yours
If you use the scriptures

The serpent did rattle,
Yet, Christ won the battle;
Something about what He wore;
The weapons of war

You got to fire it for
What you fight for,
With the developed strategy
Behind the battle's energy

Fight the martial art
With the right heart;
Vexed in the spirit,
The right words; spill it

The quest
For conquest;
It's not about the spicing thyme,
Time makes it all rhyme

Oh! How despair ate
The hope of the desperate,
Desperately in need
Of a friend indeed

Yet, forgetting Jesus
To seek what'll jinx us;
Anytime we choose not to be hot,
We get hurt

You can't be bleeding
When Christ be leading;
Christ the righteous
Makes victory right yours

Choosing not to do the hard thing
Could sometimes be the bad thing
Hindering the effect of the lightening flare
That thunders life's skin fair

How did the enemy destroy
This Troy;
What I've learnt as a war student
Is that victory isn't by accident

Resist the devil
Not to see the evil;
That's how I can tell
That you'll not experience the hell

Submit to a friend
That will defend to the end;
Christ the king
That can make you sing.

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