It should be as simple as a sim pulled from a phone, yet, what happens next is I see happiness that looks complete carted away by matters complicated, to occupy another space not minding if matter has weight or not; complex to wait for what's not.


 Only one life, so we got to keep it simple and fill it with dimples. Fear is the pimple so unfair that veils the face of truth; so all that stares is a lie that won't get you up the stairs but overwhelms in stirs of the tension that cages in detention.

You may not be able to call a missing person, but if you're missing someone, call when you got the chance. The fact that you were not able to meet up with some goals doesn't mean you can't invite people over, if you want to meet up with them.

And hear comes what can be avoided if the listening ear comes; a void head that's ugly. When understanding becomes an Ex-plane just because we don't explain ourselves to be understood. Asking question is one way; yet, we shy away from answers; the mind's response ability that affects the heart's responsibility because your hands are raised by answers raced through the mind's tracks to tweak the heart's lane.

Assumed agreements causing a zoomed disagreement. For the sake of this agreement,why not forsake your ego and make a go, to make it plain; the likes and dislikes. Say it: I don't like it. State it: I like this.

They say if you want something, ask for it. Ask and it shall be giving unto you. So what if what you want is love ? You can seek the door to be knocked at and not forcefully knocked out. If you love someone, tell it 'cos it's true. Truth sets free and sees the free through.

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